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Glitz and Grammar

Write Out Loud

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Dive into your writing potential with 'Write Out Loud: How to Get Over Your Fears And Build The Confidence to Finally Write Your Book,' crafted by Naomi D. Nakashima, an Amazon bestselling author with a unique blend of writing prowess and psychotherapeutic insight. This step-by-step guide is your key to unlocking the stories within you, offering a path through the fog of fear and doubt that holds many writers back. With 'Write Out Loud,' you'll discover how to:

  • Face and dismantle the fears blocking your writing path
  • Affirm the value of your book concept
  • Foster confidence in your narrative and abilities
  • Initiate your writing process with assurance
  • Communicate about your book project with ease

Ideal for anyone stuck at the starting line of their writing project or ensnared by the anxiety of storytelling, this book acts as a mentor, guiding you towards realizing your authorial ambitions. Seize this opportunity to transform your approach to writing and storytelling. Let 'Write Out Loud' lead the way to a confident, anxiety-free authorial voice. Your story matters—let the world hear it. #UnlockYourStory #WriteWithoutFear #YourStoryMatters




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Your Story Matters

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