About Glitz and Grammar by Naomi D Nakashima

Welcome to Glitz and Grammar, where words meet the world with a sparkle! I’m Naomi D Nakashima, the heart and soul behind this vibrant space. My journey began in the realm of B2B ghostwriting and authorship, where I’ve spent years crafting stories, articles, and content that resonate, inspire, and connect.

Glitz and Grammar started as a whispered dream, a private haven for my cherished clients. It was a place where motivational mugs, notebooks, and apparel weren’t just products, but beacons of inspiration; a celebration of the journey, the hustle, and the triumphs of creators like you and me.

As an author, I understand the power of words and the magic they wield. They can lift us up, push us forward, and inspire us to reach for the stars. But I also know that the creator’s path is sprinkled with challenges, moments of doubt, and the need for a tangible reminder of our own brilliance. That’s where Glitz and Grammar steps in.

Expanding Beyond the Private Sphere

What began as an exclusive collection for my clients is now blossoming into a public marketplace. Glitz and Grammar is no longer just a dream whispered in the quiet; it’s a shout of joy, a beacon of motivation, and a community for creators, writers, and dreamers.

Here, you’ll find not just merchandise, but pieces of a story — your story. Each item is carefully designed to inspire, motivate, and remind you of the power you hold within your words and your work. From the morning coffee that fills your motivational mug to the notes scribbled in your notebook under the midnight moon, Glitz and Grammar is here to accompany you on every step of your creative journey.

A Personal Invitation from Naomi

I invite you to explore this space, not just as a marketplace, but as a community. Glitz and Grammar is a reflection of my heart, my journey, and my belief in the power of words. It’s a celebration of the grit and grace it takes to create, to dream, and to achieve.

Whether you’re a seasoned author, a budding writer, or a creative soul wandering the path of expression, Glitz and Grammar is for you. Let’s adorn our creative journeys with a little bit of glitz, and always, the right grammar.

Welcome to Glitz and Grammar — where your words, your dreams, and your journey shine.

Naomi D Nakashima


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