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Preptober Workbook and Planner

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Gear up for your most successful NaNoWriMo yet with our 'Ultimate Preptober Workbook,' designed to prepare you for the exhilarating challenge of writing 50,000 words in November. Drawing on 14 years of NaNoWriMo victories and experience as a Municipal Liaison, this planner goes beyond basic story outlining to address the comprehensive needs of a NaNoWriMo participant.

This Pantser-friendly workbook is crafted to enhance every writer's journey, regardless of their planning preference, focusing on creating a custom writing schedule, establishing a productive routine, integrating self-care, and cultivating tools to rejuvenate creativity and motivation.

Dive into our bonus section for brainstorming scenes, characters, and premises, providing a foundation for your story without the confines of a traditional outline. Whether you're a seasoned NaNoWriMo veteran or a first-timer eager to dive into the challenge, this workbook is your essential companion for Preptober, ensuring you're fully equipped to tackle the writing marathon with confidence, resilience, and a plan tailored just for you. Embark on your NaNoWriMo journey with our workbook and transform your writing routine from ordinary to extraordinary!

Happy Preptober!


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