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Glitz and Grammar

Manuscript Feedback Form Template

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Getting feedback on our stories is an essential piece to making sure our books make the kind of impression on our readers and on the market that we're after. But it's not enough to simply send a free copy of your manuscript off to a reader and then ask them what they thought.

For feedback to be useful, readers have to know what you need feedback on and you need to know if everything works together. This survey is the most complete reader-feedback survey that will help you spot weaknesses in your story or in your characters, solidify your marketing strategy, and even identify the best parts of your story that definitely belong in your marketing.

This reader feedback form is perfect for your alpha readers, beta readers, and critique partners to give them gentle direction on what you need to know from them.


After finishing your purchase, you will have access to download a PDF file. When you download this booklet, you'll receive step-by-step instructions for how to make a copy of the actual form template, built in Google Forms, so you can have it ready to start sending to your readers in just 5 minutes.


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