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Get That Nonfiction Book Written This Year

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Turn your nonfiction book dream into reality with our comprehensive 'Get That Book Written This Year' planner! Designed to guide you through every step of the book writing process, this 250-page planner is your roadmap from conception to publication. Whether you meticulously plan every detail or prefer to let your ideas flow organically, this planner caters to all writing styles, helping you:

  • PLAN: Detail your book’s blueprint, from overarching themes to chapter outlines, with tools tailored for both planners and pantsers.
  • WRITE: Establish a productive writing routine, monitor your progress with daily word count trackers, and use writing prompts to keep the inspiration flowing.
  • PUBLISH: Navigate the publishing maze with ease using our checklists for publishing, launching, and marketing, ensuring your book reaches its audience.

Featuring brainstorming sections, obstacle reflections, self-care checklists, practice sprint trackers, and comprehensive worksheets for book positioning, marketing plans, and more, this planner is equipped with everything you need to make writing your nonfiction book a focused, rewarding journey. Accompanying opt-in worksheets also offer strategies to build your email list, enhancing your book's success from the get-go. Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to being a published author with 'Get That Book Written This Year' planner. Start your writing journey today and share your story with the world!


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