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Quickie: I’m a REALLY BAD blogger

Hey guys! Let’s talk about the fact that I haven’t blogged all month because I can’t peel myself away from my game console for more than 25 seconds. Today I actually considered bathrooming in my pants rather than pushing pause and just bathrooming in the bathroom like a normal fucking human being. I promise you I will post something super awesome within the next couple days. I would promise to post something “super epic” but I am so gosh damn tired of the word epic. Aren’t you? I’m just like, “Ughhh…it’s so tiring!”

Anyway, have a great night and remember it’s okay to take intermittent potty breaks. Those dragons/gangsters/robots/hookers WILL STILL BE THERE when you get back.

Pink controller courtesy of my brohim. Instagram @jessicafarkas!


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