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Quickie: Safe sex


There comes a time in every girl’s life when she must swallow her pride, drive herself to the gas station, and buy a big pack of Trojan Ribbed for Her Pleasures. Some girls hold their heads high and handle this situation like mature fucking adults. I prefer to handle things a little differently: By wearing a disguise. Wish me luck tonight, friends.

20111218-190231.jpgIncognito for condom-buying

Author: Jessica Farkas

Jessica is a writer whose mom thinks she is very good.

8 thoughts on “Quickie: Safe sex

  1. To avoid embarrassment, ask the person behind the counter “Are these good for smuggling heroin?”

    • Does it mean there’s something wrong with me if I actually would find this scenario less embarrassing?

      • Possibly, but only because they would assume you were a drug lord’s lackey. No real drug lord would but the condoms for transport themself. Also, you’d have to settle for nonlubricated with no spermicede. Ribbed would still be okay, but a selfish guy would wear them inside out.

      • That was supposed to be “buy the condms themself, not put the condoms himself.” really wish posts could be edited…

  2. So usually this girl Jessica writes these posts… but hey, what are _you_ doing later?

  3. I think I’m much too proud when I have an excuse to buy condoms. I’m like “uh huh, those are mine. Yup, right here. Yeah, I got plans this weekend (for once)”

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